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Individual Care Center (ICC) is dedicated to helping people with mental health and or substance abuse problems achieve a higher level of health and well-being.


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About ICC

Individual Care Center’s programs are designed for adults and adolescents experiencing chemical dependency, emotional and behavioral problems in the context of outpatient and intensive outpatient settings. ICC has a highly trained and dedicated staff under the direction of board certified psychiatrist Dr. Abe Soliman. The focus of ICC is to provide safe and effective treatment to its clients. Dr. Soliman and his treatment team stress involving family members and engaging actively in the treatment process.

What We Treat

Detox from Opiates

Detox from Alcohol/Benzos

Prescribe Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex), Vivitrol and Campral

Inpatient/Residential Care

Diagnose/treat co-occurring Disorders

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Begin your recovery with the Individual Care Center (ICC), the leading provider for addiction treatment nationwide, specializing in evidence-based treatment and mental health care.

How can we help?

The Individual Care Center offers a number of treatment services designed to help battle addiction.

Drug Addiction

Inpatient rehab is a type of addiction treatment where patients reside at a rehabilitation facility 24/7 while receiving supervised and highly structured care for their drug and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Abuse

Although alcohol can offer a positive effect for some people in the occasional social setting, abusing this drug, and yes it is a drug, has some of the most severe side effects of any substance on the market, illegal or otherwise.


After a rehab program is done, going back to your life can end up being far harder than you ever imagined. And if you don’t have some kind of aftercare in place, you’re going to find it that much more difficult to go about returning home and being around friends and family again.

Our approach

What we do

Addiction is not a sign of moral weakness or moral deficiency. As with any other life-threatening disorder, it is a chronic brain disease that requires medical treatment.

While the primary objective of many drug addiction centers is to eradicate addictive behaviors, we go farther. Focusing on behavioral health, we go to the source of your addiction and treat it from the inside out. And because no two people experience addiction in the same way, our team of specialists develops tailored recovery plans for each patient.

We think that everyone struggling with a substance use disorder should have access to compassionate, high-quality addiction treatment. We treat adults equally regardless of their gender, race, orientation, age, socioeconomic status, or background.

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Evidence Based Approach

ICC takes an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment based on a chronic disease management model. We offer an intensity, duration, and quality of care that is proven to lead to better outcomes.