Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient for Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

After completing the medical detoxification, the patient will be required to learn a new way of life without depending on drugs.  It is very important for the patient to receive substance abuse rehabilitation to be able to maintain sobriety.  Intensive outpatient care is the link between detoxification and sobriety.

ICC’s intensive outpatient program offers planned and structured services that meet for 3 hours per day and 3 days per week. There is both an adult and an adolescent track for the substance abuse intensive outpatient program. These intensive outpatient sessions are coordinated amongst the staff at ICC and offer a multidisciplinary approach. Group, family and individual therapy, as well as educational and relapse prevention services are a focus of the intensive outpatient programs.  ICC believes in involving the client’s family in the treatment process because this helps in the healing process and in relapse prevention.

Our program is composed of two sessions per day.  One session will be in the form of group therapy led by a certified substance abuse counselor.  The other session will include educational handouts, lectures and workshops to cover important topics in addiction.  Those topics will include identifying relapse triggers, relapse prevention, seeking community support, disease concept, repairing relationships, and others.

Urine toxicology screens will be done as clinically indicated (fee applies).

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