Professional Alcohol Rehab

Despite any level of alcohol addiction you or your loved one might have sunk into, it is possible to take your life back. Admit you have an addiction problem and come to start your rehab journey with Individual Care Treatment Center. Professional alcohol addiction rehabilitation requires a comprehensive treatment program including all the necessary support systems for full recovery and long-term sobriety. We do that using a holistic approach in a supportive Christian environment to make our patients not only overcome the addiction problem itself but also meet their needs in turning around their lives.

At the ICC rehab facility, we have the necessary tools and a team of dedicated professionals that are highly trained and experienced to manage treatment of any alcohol addiction case. Choose not to delay your addiction rehab decision anymore and come to our facility. Here we are helping men, women and youth to starting living alcohol-free productive lives once more. Drugs only harm your brain and lead to behaviors that only keep dragging you deeper into a dysfunctional life. You know you are addicted to alcohol if you are increasingly hiding the habit from your loved ones and friends.

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How the Individual Care Center Can Help You Recover

We have mastered all the components required for a complete alcohol addiction treatment. Our approach to treatment is holistic and includes components such as assessment, treatment based on evidence, monitoring for substance use, clinical and case management, support programs for recovery and long-term aftercare. A combination of behavioral treatment therapies and counseling enhances the effectiveness of our programs and patients get the best possible outcomes.

Our rehab facility gives patients the best opportunity to recover from alcohol addiction. We provide treatment therapies in an environment where patients discover a wide range of activities designed to replace all the situations that lead to addiction. We carefully monitor them as they undergo detoxification. Medications are provided as necessary to treat withdrawal symptoms and to stop patients from craving for alcohol.

Peer pressure depending on the people you have around you can lead to excessive alcohol use. But if peer pressure comes from people living alcohol-free lives, it gives you the necessary support system needed to influence your behavior towards quitting drugs. So during the counseling and behavioral treatment therapy stage, we make sure you are interacting with the right people in our Christian environment. You discover useful ways of spending your time and hobbies that fill in the void left by alcohol.

Depending on how long you have been struggling with alcohol addiction, you cold also be suffering mental health issues. Our psychiatrist makes sure these mental problems are evaluated and effective treatment provided. That is done to make sure the patient not only regains full mental stability but also becomes less likely to relapse.

Aftercare or continuing care after our intensive residential inpatient care is one of the most important stages of treatment. We design support systems that enhance follow up on the patient and that significant minimizes the risk of relapsing. Safe housing and community therapies are some ways of making sure patients develop behavioral change, to live drug-free and crime-free life after treatment.

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