Help for Drug Addiction Recovery

The Individual Care Treatment Center can help you through your journey to recovery from drug addiction and alcohol addiction and live a better life. You can also recommend our services to anyone suffering with drug addiction or alcohol addiction both of which are diseases that should be dealt with before they lead to bad health conditions or even death. People struggling with addiction of alcohol or drugs don’t live normal lives. Long-term exposure to drugs and alcohol can affect the brain power of thinking and even control over ones behavior. Our treatment program can help you stop using drugs, improve on your behavior, treat co-occurring diseases and even test for other diseases and help you reduce their risks.

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Medications for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a quite complex diseases but it can be treated. The disease affects your brain functionality and attitude which can reflect in your lifestyle. Though no single treatment can suit everyone, there is always treatment that can address your individual condition.

The first stage of drug or alcohol addiction treatment is medically assisted detoxification that helps get rid of the addictive substance. We use medications to help you manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse and also treat co-occurring conditions. We have medications for treatment of heroin and prescription pain killers, tobacco (nicotine) plus alcohol addiction. Drug use during treatment is not advisable but our program will help you not to relapse and prevent the cravings for substance use and alcohol abuse.

Counseling and Behavioral Therapies

Counseling and behavioral therapies are the most common forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Medications are equally important in dealing with addiction from drugs or alcohol. At ICC Rehab, we combine medications and behavioral therapies to see you get well.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Conditions

Most people struggling with drug addiction have mental disorders. We will evaluate your condition and address any possible mental conditions that you may have. Such may include anxiety or depression, which may be contributing to your drug or alcohol addiction. It is advisable that you stay on treatment long enough to achieve full recovery. We will formulate your individual treatment plan and even modify it to fit your changing needs as you go on with the treatment.

Even after you are through with medical, counseling and behavioral therapy treatments, we will give you continued care to motivate you and ensure that you live a focused drug and alcohol-free life.

Test for Other Diseases

Our mission is not only to see your drug addiction over but also see you live a positive life. Here at Individual Care Treatment Rehab, we have a treatment program that tests patients for other health conditions which include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C as well as other infectious illnesses. In addition to the tests, we will teach you on ways to reduce the risk to these diseases. Our treatment program is comprehensive and will not only address your drug or alcohol use. We also have recovery support programs that help our patients live a normal and productive life. You need quick access to drug or alcohol addiction treatment to live a healthy and happy life.

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