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1060 S Cochran Ave , Los Angeles, California 90019, United States
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We base our sober living services around the principles of assisting all of our members to achieve a productive and fulfilling life when they become residents in one of our recovery homes. We reserve the right to be selective in our screening process as we are very interested in residents who are serious about their sobriety.

Sober Living Homes are not treatment centers; our services are devoted to helping our resident’s transition from treatment to independent living. Keeping this goal in mind, we offer each community member a safe, clean, healthy, sober, and structured environment to improve and implement those important life skills needed to be free from addiction.

We find that by living the principles of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous in our daily lives, our residents have achieved accountability and through this new found self responsibility were able to join a dedicated group of sober living members. Sober Living Homes believes that the byproduct of working with a sponsor, following the 12 Steps, going to meetings and interacting with sober life supports makes the rules we enforce inconsequential. Our goal is to create a place to live where the experiences of our residents can be an example to others living in the community. We want everyone to benefit from each other’s journey toward sobriety.

We are determined to be the premier sober living community in Los Angeles, not just striving to exceed others, but genuinely basing the best of your abilities and philosophies on living the principles and the traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step programs.

Join our community; we are waiting to welcome you to Bridge Sober Living Homes!

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