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382 Hamilton St , Costa Mesa, California 92627, United States
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Newport Harbor Recovery was designed to provide structured residential treatment in an individualized, safe and compassionate setting. Our affordable alcohol, drug and dual diagnosis rehab programs focus on both men and women, age 18 and over, who for many reasons simply cannot stay clean and sober on their own. With structure and accountability these same men and women go on to live sober, fulfilling lives.

It’s automatic that where there is alcoholism and drug addiction there are legal issues, family troubles and personal problems. Separately and together these indicate a very vital need for rehab. There is a need to learn and develop new coping skills, relationship and behavioral skills, new life skills. This newly learned way of living must be free of alcohol and mood-altering drugs.

Group and individual counseling sessions help to educate and motivate our clients; structure and peer life helps to modify their behavior and thinking, and 12-Step meetings and support groups provide a sense of community that helps newly recovering men and women stay grounded firmly in sobriety. At Newport Harbor Recovery we have one primary goal: To provide the foundation upon which our clients may build new lives that are happy, joyous and free.

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